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Ad Server Set-up, Migrations and Managment

Successful Ad Management does not happen by accident. It requires attention to detail, ad server experience, and time in the trenches... We possess all of these. 

One-Resolution has years of experience managing ad operations.  At times we have been responsible for over 20 million monthly impressions across multiple websites.  We have worked with 60+ of the top ad networks and RTB companies.  We have migrated many dynamic sites to an upgraded ad server solution. Feel free to pick our brains and we can determine if One-Resolution is the answer to your online ad operation needs.  

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Ad Operations & Management

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Are you using the most efficient system and tools for your digital media needs.  Understanding and determining your sites balance of layout, delivery, revenue performance, and monitoring is key to a successful ad management operations. 

Variables to consider for Ad Management:

  • Current Management - Knowing and utilizing your current system to its full potential. Making sure software and setup is working for you, not the other way around. We can also find you new options to help streamline your system. 
  • Personnel-  Having the right personnel in place to manage setup, existing campaigns, trafficing, reporting, and maintenance is critical for success. These services can be provided for you if you do not have the right person internally.
  • Long-Term Goals - By properly outlining the overall ad management goals and establishing baselines is crucial for long-term growth. We strongly suggest a digital strategy and we can help with that too. 
  • Measurement Tool - You are only as successful as your proven results. A clear understanding of campaign performance allows for effective optimization. We can prove this for you and justify resource allocation.
  • Site Structure - Your ads need a home!  The site structure should provide the necessary ad layout to maximize ad revenue. Using the proper banner sizes is important for design aesthetics, ad performance, and even fill-rate.  One-Resolution understands the IAB standards and many other tricks of the trade.

Use the most effective ad serving solution for your site. We can assist you in the process of set-up, clean-up or migration to an entirely new platform. Our experience can provide you with a logical arrangement of ad placement, partner organization, and campaign optimization.

Variables to consider for Ad Server Migration/Architecture/ Setup:

  • Sales Strategy - Having a clear understanding of how your team sells the ad space allows for a logical setup of ad partners and ad units.  By selling your inventory direct and/or partnering with ad networks your team needs to understand the planning goals. 
  • Current and Future Revenue Partners - Proper setup of existing campaigns while taking into account the addition of new partners and having the flexibility to make quick adjustments.
  • Campaign Restrictions/Targeting - Having the ability to accurately fulfill your partner's campaign requirements is key for any successful RFP.
  • Visitor Volume - Your typical amount of daily visitors will determine the right ad serving solution. Hosting is directly proportional to the amount of visitors, page views, banner units per page, and type of creatives.
  • Ad Creatives -The type of creatives you run across your site can effect load times and layout glitches. You need your ad serving solution to be able to handle all the top industry standards (html, image, flash, video, iframe).
  • Reporting - Systematic reports showing site, visitor and campaign stats is core to understanding your digital business health and ad planning strategy.

Ad Optimization can be a complicated dance of prioritizing campaigns based on CPM (cost per 1K impressions) / CPC (cost per click) / CPA (cost per action) and full-filling orders during restricted flight dates.  But, by accurately running your campaigns so partners are prioritized based on generated income is the advantage of any ad server solution. Depending on chosen ad software we can establish campaign value baselines and activate additional ad partners to compete for you banner inventory at a guaranteed higher CPM (see OpenX Market / Real-time Bidding). Also implementing a back-fill ad partner will guarantee that all your impressions are monetized. 

Variables to consider for Ad Optimization:

  • Payouts - Know the actual value of your inventory.  This is crucial for your sales/ad planning efforts to fill your inventory effectively and optimizing your revenue potential.
  • Volume - Knowing the number of your daily unique visitors to your total monthly traffic volume will help allocate impressions across active campaigns.  Average visitor page views and the number of banners per page can be factored into reaching specific goals.
  • Campaign Restrictions - Having the ability to target campaigns based on specific location or implementing a visitor capping or guaranteeing an impression amount by a specific end date, adds value to your inventory. It will allow you to monetize impressions that fill in the gaps within these restricted campaigns. 
  • Payment Terms - Are you being paid +30 or +90 days from fulfillment of campaign? Factoring in these variables will help determine actual value of your ad partners and help improve your bottom-line.  

The layout of your site plays a major role in user interaction.  The more interactive a visitor is, the more likely that person is generating venue for your digital business.  Having the right mix of ad placement/size and content will improve chances of conversions. We can help you map out a layout that corresponds to your digital business goals.

Variables to consider for Content Layout Optimization:

  • User Interaction - What pages are your visitors landing when entering your site? What is your bounce rate? Having this information can help improve how information is presented and target areas to emphasize call to action content.  This can help with increasing user time on site and page views. 
  • Banner/Widget Performance - By knowing your most effective banner locations and sizes will help to rearrange your content to optimize banner performance. 
  • Page Views - By increasing the average number of page views by your visitors will increase your ad impression exponentially.
  • Site Speed - If your site loads and performs slow the overall user experience is jeopardized. Removing unnecessary code, content, and faulty creatives will enhance your site. 

Let's determine your core goals for creating and maintaining a viable digital business. We can help you strategize a custom model to accurately measure and grow your business. Proper setup and maintenance of your campaigns is just the first step to maximize per visitor revenue.  Having the right ad server features allows for necessary campaign restrictions (targeting, prioritizing, and capping), which is crucial for effective optimization. 

Variables to consider for Digital Revenue Optimization:

  • Current/Long-term Goals - Where are you generating revenue now and where can other additional avenues be created? Having a clear understanding of your current bottom-line allows for the ability to set realistic goals.
  • Revenue Partners - If it is through direct sales, ad networks, or complimentary businesses, knowing payment terms and per visitor payout is key to successful optimization.  By directing efforts towards maintaining and growing with the your top partners can save time and provide consistent returns. 
  • Baseline Analytics - In-order to make educated decisions with your sites analytics you must have an established set of base-line data points.  Without a base-line you cannot acurately measure trends. Utilizing your sites analytics is imperative to making site improvements.  
  • Site Structure - This is the blend of your site's content and its ad units. Is the layout presented in an optimal manner to maximize banner ad performance?
  • Visitor Analysis - Who are your users/customers? Gaining an understanding of your visitors by knowing where they are from, time on site, and pages visited will provide valuable insight on how to better monetize them.

We can help you integrate platforms/systems that complement and enhance your digital business' effectiveness. Let's discuss your current setup and find the best combination of existing and new tools to reach your goals. We have experience and knowledge with most of the top systems in the industry.

Click here for more details on OpenX Ad Serving solutions.

Variables to consider for OpenX, DFP, Google Adsense and Analytics:

  • Current Setup - Fully understanding the systems/platforms currently in use.  Knowing how to utilize each to its full potential.
  • Current Tools - Using the best available software/applications/web-ware to fit your digital business strategy.
  • Important Analytical Variables - Determining the right data points to accurately measure the health of your digital business is key to understanding trends and making improvements.
  • Reporting - Having access to site/campaign reports allows for consistent and standardized monitoring for educated decisions.
  • Current/ Long-term Goals - Your overall vision and current strategic plan will determine what software/application to incorporate. We can improve the chances of reaching your goals with the right implementations. 
  • Budget - How are your funds allocated towards your ad operations? Spending for enhanced software/applications is dependent on realized return. Will upgrading to a paid service benefit your bottom-line?
  • Visitor Monetization - Do you collect the right data to determine per visitor and page-view return? Making adjustments on this level will improve overall site effectiveness.  

Ad Management Assistance

Expert Ad Operations and Management assistance is just a phone call or e-mail away!  We are here to help!  We always extend a FREE 30 minute Ad Operations consultation to review your project and see if we can be of assistance.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Call or email Craig Ryerson today!

Craig Ryerson

Revenue Models

What is your revenue model?
Basically, how does your business make money?  There are two categories your web presence falls into; a content based site or a product/service based site. Depending on your digital strategy we can customize a solution for your business.  

Content Based Site (Publisher)
You generate revenue through selling advertising space across your site.  We can help you streamline your direct/in-house sales and leverage other ad partners to maximize per impression revenue.  

Product/Service Site
You are promoting a brick and mortar business and/or have an e-commerce website.  Many people believe that there is no need for ad operations with these sites, but implementing an ad server solution can enhance your sites interaction with customers.  You can use in-house banners to promote specific products/services/specials in an efficient and trackable manner. Depending on your business niche you could also promote complimentary businesses/products to generate additional income or establish traffic exchange partnerships.