Our Process

The steps in which we take for a successful website project.

Through a collaborative effort, our team of experienced interactive and website development professionals are able to provide solutions that get results.

One Resolution is comprised of experienced, educated and highly proficient business enthusiasts. We take great pride in our clients', and where they are spending their hard earned dollars. We value our clients above all else and ensuring their satisfaction is the absolute top priority day in and day out. As projects vary in scope, size and revenue, one thing remains consistent - ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.


We will take the time to review your expectations and goals of your website.  We will ask you about your business, your objectives for the site and ultimate functionality.  We want to meet your team, understand the nuances and benefits of your organization.  

Colorado Website Design and Development Discovery Items Include:

  • Project Description
  • Milestones
  • Objectives
  • Requirements
  • Budget Review and Contract

After the completion of PHASE 1 - DISCOVERY we are left with an outline and understanding of the project.  A road map of what is to be done


After the completion of Phase 1 - Discovery, we are left with a thorough understanding of the project.  A road map of what is to be done.  We then take this road map and spec out the exact details of what the project will entail, specifically.  Based on the project requirements and budget we begin to marry the technical, aesthetic, and optimization necessities to create a global outline and task assignment.

Colorado Website Design and Development Define Items Include:

  • Information Architecture
  • Site Frames and Technical Mapping
  • Timeframe Outline
  • Project Assets - (Create or Acquire)
  • Target Markets
  • Domain Review
  • E-Mail Review
  • Server Environment
  • Security and/or Merchant Services
  • Existing Site URL's
  • Development Environment Creation
  • Photo Shoots
  • Client Review


Phase 3 consists of creating the necessary foundation for the project.  This can vary greatly based on the project requirements and technicalities.  The next step is to compile and submit all known content, begin all DNS acquisitions, and outline messaging.  Ensuring we have either complete control of, or direct access to, items such as the domain name, existing site, content, messaging definitions, etc.  These items will be used later on in the project but we want to eliminate any surprises for a successful site launch or delivery.  The content is then used to solidify the architecture and identify more needs and uses of the site.  Content is either provided by the client, or from our copywriting team.  SEO team will also begin with the optimization document based on content outlined.

Colorado Website Design and Development Foundation Items Include:

  • Server/Hosting Development & URL Setup
  • Content Review
  • SEO Document Review
  • Existing URL Handling


Once the architecture and bulk of the content are delivered, then the design gets underway.  The goal is to incorporate all the requirements of the architecture and content, while still designing from the perspective of the user. Visual issues surrounding brand identity, calls to action, marketing goals, layout, user interface, photography, animation, typography, and color palettes are all elements the Web Designer will incorporate while providing the user with a visually inviting site. The design must excite and meet the customer’s needs in order to be successful.

  • Mood designs
  • Client Review and Sign-off
  • Interfacing


Once the visual look has been established, then the site will be built.  We program and build all pages, make navigation active, execute database work, create site tools, site forms, execute content management systems...and whatever else has been agreed upon for the final website.

Colorado Website Development Items Include:

  • CMS - DotNetNuke
  • CMS - WordPress
  • Static Website
  • Write Code
  • JavaScript / Flash
  • XML
  • Execute Database
  • Site Tools
  • Webware Systems and Reporting
  • Module Development
  • Module Integration
  • Browser Requirements
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Website Tools
  • Site Build


At this stage we are close to being done, but still have to do a thorough test of all tools, integrations and anything else outlined in the project.  Test. Test. Test!  After we build the absolute best product possible, we try to break it.  Yes, that is what I wrote, we try and find any holes in our solutions.  We also begin to introduce our solutions and administrative features to the client.  

Colorado Website Design and Development Project Copmletion Items Include:

  • Cross-Browser Testing
  • Admin Backend Training
  • Final Content and Site Review
  • Feedback/Tweaks/Bugs
  • Site Launch
  • Celebrate!

Post Relationship Options:

These items are all optional and up to the client to determine in what capacity we will continue to work for the client:

  • On-going Retainer Options (optional)
  • Social Media Options
  • Ad Network Options
  • Other Project Additions


"Mike Richards and the One Resolution team helped our school move through the process of self identity and custom website.  The website process was simple and easy with Mike's direction, and we are very happy with the final results.  I would recommend One Resolution to any business looking to reach a broader community!"

Martha Teien | School Director
Mountain Montessori


At One Resolution we provide unique, relevant and sustainable solutions in website development, design and marketing. We are committed to our client’s success both on and offline.

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