OpenX Consulting

OpenX Ad Server Consulting and Solutions

We can provide you the insight and knowledge for your entire OpenX ad serving platform.  If you currently don’t utilize an ad serving solution, we can help you determine the right fit for your business.  Are you unhappy with your current ad serving solution and want to migrate your setup to OpenX, One-Resolution can help.  We have established a solid working relationship with the OpenX team to provide a seamless upgrade.

OpenX Ad Serving Benefits

    • Multiple editions to meet current and future serving levels.
    • Hosting options.
    • Multiple pricing models (CPM, CPC, CPA, Fixed Cost).
    • Seamless revenue optimization with OpenX Market/Real-time Bidding features.
    • Supports Image, Flash, HTML, 3rd party, Rich Media, Video (linear & non-linear), etc.
    • Targeting by Content, geographic, technographic (e.g. browser), time based (e.g. time of day), custom.
    • Custom reports.

    One-Resolution Specialties

      • Platform setup.
      • Migration from existing ad server.
      • Site ad unit analysis.
      • Campaign organization and optimization.
      • System management.
      • Educate personnel on usage and features.

      OpenX provides a reliable, flexible, and scalable solution that meets all the industry’s top standards.  Contact us to determine if OpenX can provide your digital business the necessary tools for structure and growth.

Ad Management Assistance

Expert Ad Operations and Management assistance is just a phone call or e-mail away!  We are here to help!  We always extend a FREE 30 minute Ad Operations consultation to review your project and see if we can be of assistance.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Call or email Craig Ryerson today!

Craig Ryerson
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