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What used to take an army and a small fortune can now be done relatively inexpensively and quick. Webware opens the door for endless customization and really cool solutions.

When websites were first being built they were very static by design, and limited on what they could do.  For the most part it was to convey information and that was about it. Nowadays with all of the rapidly changing technologies and programming platforms we have endless potential on what we can build and what it will do.  What used to take weeks to build can now be customized, tweaked and deployed in no time.  Solutions that mimic more software functionality than a website, but everything is web based.  Combine the two, and blammo!  You have Web-ware.  All the benefits and functionality of traditional stand alone software combined with the ease of use and down right coolness of web platforms and technologies.

Web Based Software Solutions

Ski Rental Inventory Mgmt Software

One of our flagship projects for the past 5 years has been a full ski rental and inventory management system - all web based!  Based in Vail, CO, the entire crew at One-Resolution is passionate about skiing and on mountain meetings :).  So it would only make sense that we would combine our technological propensity and apply it to our passion: Skiing!  

One Rents is a one stop shop for any sized ski and snowboard rental shop.  We have small mom and pop shops all the way to some of the busiest rental locations in the country using our ski rental solution.

If you would like to learn more about all this amazing ski and snowboard inventory management software has to offer please give Mike Richards a call at 970.290.7700 or email us for a live demo!

Oil and Gas Lease Mgmt Software

Anyone that has ever worked in the oil and gas lease industry knows first hand just how complicated and daunting lease management and document management can get.  With landsman and lease management directors scattered in every direction it can be very challenging to properly account and get signed agreements when you need them.  That is why we developed One Management Oil and Gas Lease Management Webware solution.  

By implementing the necessary tools all web based workers now have full access to what they need, and when they need it.

If you are interested in an online demo please call Mike Richards at 970.290.7700 or email us directly!

Web Based Software Assistance

Expert Colorado Web Based Software assistance is just a phone call or e-mail away!  We are here to help!  We always extend a FREE 30 minute Web Based Software Consultation to review your project and see if we can be of assistance.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Call or email One-Resolution today!

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