Website Testimonials

Website Design & Development Testimonials

Website Design & Development Testimonials

Colorado Website Design"For more than 6 years now Base Mountain Sports has relied on the technical and marketing expertise of One Resolution and Mike Richards. Mike and his team have been a consistent partner with us providing a full ski and snowboard rental and inventory management system that was easily customized specific to our ski shops needs. The advantages of our new ski rental system and website have allowed us to provide a better overall experience for our customers, and helped to improve our rental process making it more efficient and track-able.

Everything from our website, marketing materials, signage, advertising efforts and online services they have facilitated for us flawlessly. In fact, we have seen a direct increase of customers and return customers thanks to the ongoing efforts of One Resolution and our website. We couldn't be happier with their services and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, professional Colorado website design and marketing firm."

Chris Coleman // Ski Shop Owner
Base Mountain Sports  //

Colorado Website Development"Mike Richards and the One Resolution Colorado Web Design team has built a dynamic and constantly improving website for my medical spine surgery practice online. Mike Richards has advised and consistently grown the website. In addition, Mike has created a very successful search engine optimization campaign, and Adwords sensitive site, that continually gives the website higher ranking on all searches. I love the look and feel of the website, the blog, the email questions from potential patients, and mostly the comments and compliments I receive from website viewers."

Guy Fogel, M.D. // Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Spine Pain Be Gone  //

Website Design Company in colorado"We really appreciated Mike's flexibility and expertise on our project. We had a very challenging situation where we asked him to blend elements of an existing brand with a new application. To make matters more challenging the stakeholders were spread across the country and Mike heard most of the feedback secondhand through us. Mike presented us with a set of comps to work with and did a terrific job of taking some vague feedback and refining those comps to create a design. We are extremely pleased with the new design and Mike deftly walked a delicate line, carrying forward important elements of the old design while simultaneously implementing new design element that gave the site more refined and sleek appearance. We appreciate Mike's commitment to a very challenging design project and are extremely pleased with the end result."

Patrick Hasselbach // Director of Software Development
CityPass, inc.  //

Colorado Website Design Testimonial"Our new website is probably our most important marketing tool that we have....and boy, does it deliver! It's beautiful to look at, easy to use and has brought us more new customers than ever before!"

Stephanie Allen // Ski Shop Owner
Butte & Co.  //

Vail Web Design"Our company trusted Mike and his team to deliver us a completely new and updated website. What we got was so much more. The One-Resolution team made sure that they were incorporating my ideas and kept me updated throughout the process. They came up with new ideas and ways to increase our customer traffic and less than 24hrs after the site was live, we were seeing results with our new online free estimate submittals. We will definitely be staying with One-Resolution and trusting them with all our online needs."

Derek Krasuski // Owner
Northern Colorado Carpets //

Colorado Web Design"We hired One-Resolution to design a skin for our B2B portal that we recently launched. Mike Richards was able to provide us with a very rich yet clean design that is now being used by our customers in a live environment. Customer feedback has been excellent, all indicating a very solid user experience. Incidentally, we liked the design so much that we took a few of the components and concepts, and applied them to our customer facing eCommerce site. Once in place, we actually saw a lift in our conversion rates. I would highly recommend One-Resolution to anyone looking to present a rich and clean user experience on their website, be it business or consumer facing."

David Painter // CIO
CityPass, inc. //
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