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If Search Engine Marketing is not applied to your overall website project and strategy it is the equivalent of building a new home with no road or access to it.

Effective Search Engine Marketing entails many things, but at the root of it all it is a set of standards and guidelines that you should follow when building a website in order to be ranked higher and found when someone is performing a search relevant to your services and area.  It might be the nicest looking site in the world, but all of that means nothing if your visitors cannot find you in the search engines. To be found you must at-lest practice the basics; from there sky is the limit!

Allow One Resolution to get your Colorado Search Engine Optimization at the top of Google rankings.  Watch your conversions grow and sales increase from our website optimization techniques such as Paid Search Website Campaigns or Search Engine Website Optimization!   

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Online Marketing Services in Colorado

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SEO Placement / Organic Search Placement / Natural Placement

Search Engine Optimization, commonly called Natural or Organic search placement, relies solely on your website construction, code, meta tags, and relevant site content.  Search engines spyders then crawl your website indexing the pages and ranking you based on relevant content and keywords.  These results are what you see in the main page of your search results on sites such as  There on ongoing discussions about what works better and what you should and shouldn’t do, but the basics have been outlined from top search providers.  At the end of the day the biggest component to a top ranking site is relevant content, specific and to the point title tags, and use of tags to tell the engines how to digest your code.


  • Long-term Results - While you might spend a little money up front to have your site fully optimized or build an optimized site, the advantage is that if done correctly you will see results.
  • Higher Click Through Rates -  Most searchers tend to choose the natural search engine results before choosing Paid Search Results.  


  • Time - Unlike a PPC campaign, SEO takes time to digest and gain results.  Depending on where you are starting from with your site it can take anywhere from a month or two all the way to 6 months to gain the placement you are after.
  • Changing Parameters - The SEO rules tend to change. or significant updates to the search engines algorithms can really affect your natural search engine rank.  It’s important to stay current with methodologies and good online practices.If your website is built correctly you should be able to see natural results fairly quickly.  If you are not, give us call, we would love to help!

Colorado Paid Search / Pay Per Click / PPC Campaigns

As the name implies, paid search / Pay Per Click / PPC, means that you are literally paying for your websites overall rank based on keyword phrases and placement within the search engines.  By creating a list of desired search terms and keyword phrases you can then control how much you are willing to pay for a certain search rank spot, in what geo targeted location, and for how long.  Paid search results are shown in the very top space and down the right hand side of your search results page such as


  • Instant Results - One of the biggest advantages of a pay per click campaign is that your site is instantly shown once activated.  Once live, your website listing will be displayed based on the keyword phrases chosen, geo-targeted areas of interest, and campaign budget.  
  • Tracking -  By having a pay per click campaign in place we are able to derive very powerful tracking and sale conversion information from your keywords to a targeted confirmation page.  Simply put, we are able to track what keywords resulted in what action on your site and then calculate what that conversion cost your company in real dollars.  Very powerful!  With traditional marketing methods, such as mailers or flyers, you always had to have some sort of unique identifier, such as a promo code or unique telephone number, and then wait for the results after you spent the money to determine your ROI (return on investment).  With paid search campaigns and online marketing we are able to track what is working and what is not in real time, and change things up based on reporting and analysis.  The end result is invaluable information on what is creating your company more business, and what your REAL ROI is.
  • Scalability - PPC campaigns are very scalable by nature.  What this means is that if you are seeing less than impressive results with one strategy, but meanwhile seeing great results in another you can change or alter your campaign at anytime. 


  • Cost - Depending upon your industry, location and other online competitors PPC campaigns can become extremely costly.
  • Campaign Management - If you do not know what you are doing you need to be very careful when launching an online PPC Campaign.  All too often we have received horror stories of clients tyring to manage things themselves and accidentally blowing thru an entire month or two budget in one day.  This is not meant to scare you, well - it actually kind of is, but take this more as a warning.  We always recommend working with professionals when launching a Paid Search Campaign, but if you are going to tackle it yourself be sure to do your homework first.  Otherwise, give us a call!

I know, this gets complicated and we are only scratching the surface here.  However, if done right and with full understanding, a Paid Search Campaign can be extremely effective.

SEO Marketing Assistance

Expert Colorado Search Engine Marketing assistance is just a phone call or e-mail away!  We are here to help!  We always extend a FREE 30 minute Online Marketing Consultation to review your project and see if we can be of assistance.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Call or email One-Resolution today!

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