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If done properly your website can be the employee that works for you 24/7, 365 days a year... and no bathroom breaks or vacation time!  

Since 2002, One-Resolution has been designing, building and programming amazing Colorado websites for small and medium sized companies all over the world.  Our goal with every project is to provide unique, relevant and sustainable online solutions that get results.  If you are in the market for a new website or a website redesign we would welcome the opportunity to earn your business by extending a FREE website consultation.  

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Colorado Website Design Services

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The Web Designer’s main responsibility is the overall brand aesthetic of the site. The goal is to incorporate all the requirements of the web sites information architecture (navigation) and website content, while still designing from the perspective of the user. Visual issues surrounding website brand identity, website layout, website user interface, photography and website imagery, animation, typography, and website color palette are all elements the Web Designer will incorporate while providing the user with a visually inviting website. The website design must excite and meet the customer’s needs to ensure it is a site worth using. Our talented team of Colorado Website Designers can take your website look and feel to a whole new level of visual appeal. At One Resolution we understand how to take into account proper website information architecture, eye popping aesthetics, and a great overall visual experience.

Variables to consider for proper website design:

  • Information Architecture
  • Content
  • Brand Identity
  • Layout and User Interface
  • Photography and Imagery
  • Animation and Call to Action
  • Typography
  • Color Palette  

Once the visual look has been established it is time to build and program the actual website. This is the job of the Site Builder. We program and build the HTML pages, ASPX pages, make navigation active, execute database work, create site tools, site forms, content management systems...these are the components a site builder MAY be required to produce. In short, they have to build a working site based on what has been designed. Our team of professional Colorado Website Programmers can program just about anything you can think of.

Variables to consider for proper website design:

  • Management Systems
  • Unique Design Structures
  • Type of Programming Language
  • Interfacing
  • Databases
  • Layout and User Experience
  • Site Tools
  • Site Modules
  • Site Widgets
  • Dynamic Feeds

The Information Architect’s primary focus is on content organization, and how this content is accessed on the site. By doing this before the design work begins we finalize critical components, such as: Navigation, amount of content the site must house, specific user tool placement (i.e. dynamic tools/listings/etc), 2nd or 3rd level navigation, and future needs the site may require. Even on the most basic website it is very important to work thru the site's IA and ensure the site structure and content is properly setup and accessible. At One Resolution we have built numerous large website's with more than 100+ pages on each site.

Variables to consider for proper website design:

  • General Information Architecture
  • Landing Page Navigation
  • Interior Page Navigation
  • 2nd and 3rd Level Navigation
  • Page Naming Strategies
  • Site Structure Redundancies
  • Member Access and Page Layout
  • Page Security

Our Content Management Systems (CMS') put the control in your hands to manage and maintain your website if you so choose. Easy to use and easy to manage, these tools can bring regular basic updates in-house.  If you can login to your email and edit a word document, than you can use these tools!  Have complete control of your website, start to finish. Edit text, add pages, update imagery and much much more. 

Variables to consider for Ad Management:

  • Content Management - Easily update or remove text directly on your website.  No confusing systems to learn or antiquated procedures.  Just a simple interface allowing you to login, navigate to your page and click edit.   
  • Imagery -  Update and manage images on a regular basis through our platform.  You can even crop, change the size and alignment of your imagery right on the site. 
  • Password Protection - Create password protected sections of your website for members or exclusive visitors.  
  • User Databases - Keep detailed records of your users by allowing them to update and create their own profiles right through your website CMS. 
  • Page Control - Add or remove pages right on your website.  With our CMS tools you can add as many pages to your website as you would like! 
  • Email and Newsletter Tools - With our CMS system you can easily create beautiful looking newsletters and e-mail updates and send them directly from the website with full statistics on who viewed your email and when. 

Thinking of something cool that should be integrated into your website? Chances are we have a module for that, and if not we can build you one. Learn more about our plug and use module approach by reviewing the samples below. 

A sampling of website modules ready and waiting to be deployed on your website: 

  • Calendar Tools 
  • Photo Galleries 
  • Blogs and Forums 
  • Contact and Custom Forms
  • Membership Tools 
  • Reports 
  • Document Download Managers 
  • News Feeds 
  • RSS and XML Feeds 
  • Online Directories 
  • Maps 

Do you want to expand your business online or start an eCommerce website?  At One Resolution we have successfully built many online shops and eCommerce solutions.  From basic selling tools to fully integrated systems with your existing point of sale solution we have the ability to deliver whatever solution you need. 

Variables to consider with eCommerce: 

  • Inventory Management
  • Product Imagery 
  • Product Descriptions and Updates
  • Payment Terms 
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • Encrypted Security Certificates
  • Social Media Integration  

Website Design Assistance

Expert Colorado Website Design and Website Development assistance is just a phone call or e-mail away!  We are here to help!  We always extend a FREE 30 minute Website Design Consultation to review your project and see if we can be of assistance.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Call or email One-Resolution today!

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